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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  September 16, 2012 10:00pm-10:45pm PDT

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the 49ers return for their first home game of the season. while off the field, security was tight. good evening everyone i'm heather holmes. >> and i'm david stevenson. the 49ers get a win and they
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did it with stepped up security. deborah villalon is outside the stadium. >> reporter: today's homeowner has the usual traffic congestion and the cold winds of candle stick but nothing like the brawling of last fall. 49ers fans left happy. their team making few mistakes. although the same can't be said for every spectator, before halftime fans were being carted away for public intoxication. >> this is the flag that i flew, look. exactly like i flew it. >> reporter: and flying this souvenir flag got this man and his brother ejected because he was annoying others. >> we spent over $300 to come to this game to get kicked out because we waved the flag that they gave us. >> we bumped into a guy a couple of times and he got upset about it. they said if we have to come back one more time, we have to kick you out. and sure enough they did.
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>> reporter: there is little tolerance of this behavior after beatings in a bathroom and parking lot as well as two shootings after a game. >> police presence is stronger now, we're more visible. >> reporter: officers more visible and more vigilant. pouncing on problems in and outside of the stadium and forcing tailgaters to pack up the party at kick off. >> i think it's great, it keeps everybody on their toes and gets people to do what they're here for, to watch the game. >> reporter: help the only a text away, summoning security into the stands. and you decide, genuine lions fan or undercover cop? like last year, police decoyed in rival gear are helping hone in on harassment. >> i don't care, i don't worry
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about anybody else. i love the niners, i love giants, go lions. >> reporter: lines were especially long to get inside. now coming back live you can see the parking lot is emptying but with the game ending just over an hour ago there's still a heavy police presence here. but it appears no major problems. we're live in san francisco,deborah villalon. >> so what were the key moments in today's game? joe fonzi will have all the highlights in sports. and the fans were asked for patience. the owner said quote police know that our fans and partners are our number one priority. your enthusiasm and commitment to our franchise is unparalleled and something we do not take for granted.
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meantime the players put out a message of their own. they too apologize to the fans for the lock out which began at midnight. business owners are worried about the impact this lock out could have on their bottom line. and some we spoke to say it's reminiscent of a lock out they went through in the 2004-2005 season. smoke shut down a b.a.r.t. station in san francisco today. b.a.r.t. officials say there was some sort of emotion in that station. they believe it was caused by a break overload. a fire official explained why there was also some smoke. >> the shorting or explosion or whatever you want to call it that occurred with the third rail just that charge of energy
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will cause smoke, just like when a transformer blows there will be smoke and sometimes fire. >> reporter: the station was closed for about an hour which caused some train delays, market street was also partially closed. there were no injuries. alleged molestation victim will lynch is about to launch a nonprofit to help abuse victims. today lynch tells ktvu he has raised about $4,000 at an event for his cause. his rise a group will help abused victims become enpowered and work for changes in the law he says. last week's santa clara county prosecutors denied to pursue prosecutor charges against lidner who denied he molested lynch and lynch's brother when they were children. a memorial was held for
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sierra lamar. patti lee spoke to her parents about the support. >> reporter: it was an emotional night for sierra lamar's parents they both choked up as they released balloons for sierra lamar. >> on the count of three. >> love you sierra. >> reporter: balloons filled the sky where over 7,500 people gathered to mark six months since she disappeared. on the tails of many of the balloons messages written to sierra. >> and i told her to come back so we could you know do all the plans that we made. >> reporter: lamar's parts said it was tough to accept the significance. >> this is the first time i went to the facebook and read a lot of the friend requests. >> we would have hoped we would have found her and she would have been with us and life would be normal now. >> reporter: once strangers this group now calls itself an
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extended family. >> it hits home and no child should ever have to go through this. >> reporter: in may prosecutors charged torrez with kidnapping and murdering sierra but her family won't accept her death until they have proof, her body. >> we're still determined and we still have lots of support, lots of support so that helps a lot. >> reporter: volunteers are also concerned that after six months the emphasis to find sierra is slowing. some declined to release a red balloon because even though some could write a road to sierra, releasing balloons have another meaning for others. >> it's to say goodbye. and i'm not going to say hi, it's hey, i'm here. and i'm not going away till you come home. >> reporter: many volunteers told us that they will continue to keep searching.
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patti lee, ktvu news. more details now on the suspect in the sierra lamar case and to torrez. he will appear in court next week to continue his plea hearing. he faces murder charges with a special circumstance of kidnapping and is eligible for the death penalty if convicted. s.w.a.t. teams from newark and union city helped the chp with an arrest this morning. police say they were called to the motel six on mawry avenue. that's where police were serving a warrant for a man. when the man refused to surrender the s.w.a.t. team was called in. he was wanted for a violent crime. police in hayward are hoping the public can help identify a man who was killed early this morning. officers were called to whipman street at sicamore street. that's where they found the victim with a head injury.
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it appears the man was looking for some place to live. >> we have some idea that he may have been trying to accomplish residency in the area. we know that he used to live in the area prior to this incident and was currently trying to accomplish residency in the area once again -- establish residency in the area once again. >> they say the victim was in his 50s or 60s. the alameda county sheriff's office is investigateing the fatal shooting of a man early this morning. officers say gunfire broke out just after mid-night in an apartment complex in unincorporated hayward on 164th avenue and east 14th street. deputies found the man suffering from a gunshot wound to the face. they haven't released the victim's identity or any information on arrests. rescue teams have suspended the search tonight for a man who apparently fell into the napa river during a fishing trip this morning. the incident happened at the brazos bridge in napa county just before three o -- 3:00
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this morning. cara liu tell us what a neighbor heard just before the person went missing. >> reporter: volunteered searched for any sign of 26- year-old bagana. >> it was hard to sleep after 4:00 a.m. the helicopters were back and forth. >> reporter: napa city sheriff tell us that he was fishing with his brother-in-law here on the brazos bridge. it was around 2:45 in the morning when he fell into the water they say he barely knew how to swim. >> i'm not quiet sure what they were doing on the bridge at that time in the morning but that's kind of scary to be out there and not know how to swim. >> reporter: kaye hall and a dog were outlooking. >> he can find and identify any
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articles that they may have dropped. >> reporter: tennis shoes were found this morning that may have belonged to the victim. the search is challenging because the river changes direction with the tide. >> initially the man was reported to be going up the river north then eventually the river tide switched and now it's an out going tide. >> reporter: the search was continued because a neighbor said he heard screaming and shouting then a splash. a man was found to be intoxicated when his power boat slammed into another power boat. the victims are described as a mother and daughter. the accident happened around 6:30 in the evening. randy sandaw was charged. his bail has been set ago
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$100,000. 69-year-old charles dowd was on a cross country trip on amtrak when he disappeared. he was last seen on friday by a train conductor who said dowd appeared disoriented and confused about his whereabouts. family members says they need to find dowd quickly because he needs medication. suspicious fires at a bay area park raise big concerns about encampments. demonstrations turn deadly as the global uproar continues to spill over. an inner city church in san francisco gets a visit from a national civil rights leader, the messages he's bringing to the congregation.
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the chp is investigating a tragic accident in orinda earl will this morning. a man hit a center divide as he came out of the caldecut tunnel. as he ran to the side of the road he was hit and killed by another vehicle. police are investigating whether alcohol played a role in that initial crash. no one else was hurt. there are new concerns tonight about homeless encampments near a popular park in san jose. after a series of suspicious fires yesterday. ktvu's mat keller tells us about the latest blazes at kelly park. >> reporter: the encampment along coyote creek in kelly park has been given a nickname
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by the people who live here it's called the jungle. for johnny gutierrez it's also home. >> yes. >> reporter: johnny says he was living in downtown san jose with his girlfriend pauline about 5-1/2 months ago when police told them it would be better if they move to kelly park. >> you know that it would be safer for us to be here than on the street. >> reporter: safety was a concern yesterday after small fires started near their encampment on story road and remalard court. the fire department called them minor fires but for people living next to kelly park they are anything but routine. >> because the brush here is very close to where i live, it's concerning because i have a small child. so the fires have been a concern for me. >> reporter: the santa clara water district has spent $62,000 on a new approach to clean encampments.
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it led to the removal of 60- tons of trash. however it did not achieve the desired outcome, preventing reencampment. as for johnny and pauline, they are still waiting for the city to help them. >> we're waiting for the help. >> reporter: as for the city, leaders are expected to meet at the end of october to discuss the next steps on the clean up. police in fairfield are investigating a triple shooting that left three men and the gunman wounded. when police arrived they found two men and a 16-year-old wounded. so far police haven't made any arrests. new at 10:00, san francisco police are investigating a deadly shooting this afternoon in the mission district. police sources tell ktvu a man
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in his 20s was killed around 4:30 p.m. on treat avenue near 26th street and that their official investigation suggests the killing may be gang related. the man was found shot on the sidewalk right next to ga rfield square park. he was pronounced dead at the scene. a teenager was arrested yesterday in connection with a deadly shooting in san francisco. authorities say officers arrested the 17-year-old boy last night hours after the early morning shooting that left 18-year-old demari lewis dead. lewis was shot near the intersection of osceola lane and la salle avenue. the name of the suspect was not released. continuing coverage now on the unrest triggered by that anti islamic film. today demonstrations turned deadly in pakistan where protesters tried to storm the american consulate.
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pakistani police and paramilitary troops fired into the air to move demonstrators. at least one demonstrator was killed and dozens were injured. the protesters never entered the consulate property and there are no reports of any americans injured. from lebanon, the leader of hezbollah is calling for a protest. he says the u.s. must be held accountable for the film as it was produced in the u.s. hezbollah is on the u.s. list of foreign terrorists threats. 16 people were killed in the attack in benghazi. in an interview today the president of libyan's interim assembly says some of the
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suspects were from outside libya and he felt certain the attack was preplanned. but today susan rice, u.s. ambassador to the united nations told reporters that the evidence she's seen suggested the attack had been part of a spontaneous protest. in 2012 election news tonight, house minority leader nancy pelosi expressed competence today that democrats will retake the house. because of paul ryan's plans to overhaul medication. >> momentum is very much with us. the medicare issue in this campaign, so we have a message, we have the messengers, we have a very excellent chance to take back the house. >> reporter: pelosi says the republican's pick of ryan for vice president was a turning point for democrats. ryan campaigned in florida yesterday where he focused on attacking president obama's record and promoting romney's business skills. meantime mitt romney flew to los angeles tonight for a
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speech tomorrow to the u.s. hispanic chamber of commerce. he cancelled his campaign visit to pueblo colorado today after a small plane crash there. his campaign said he did not want to interfere with the investigation. instead the former governor stayed in massachusetts to prepare for the upcoming presidential debates. politics came to the pulpit in san francisco this sunday with a visit from the head of the nation's largest civil rights organization. john sasaki tells us about the naacp's sermon. >> reporter: the city of refuge south of market welcomed a special guest. benjamin nellis joined the congregation to mark a somber event. >> four black girls were killed in birmingham as their families and community were fighting to vote.
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>> in terms of the intersections of our civil rights as people of color, our civil rights as women, our civil rights as transgender people. >> reporter: we met one on one with justice. >> free up millions of the dollars to actually invest in solving unsolved homicides. >> reporter: because he says it is so much more expensive to prosecute death penalty cases. he also wants to get people to register to vote. the registration comes as they make voting harder for americans. >> early voting, sunday voting. >> and the requirement of showing driver's license to vote which many low income
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americans don't have. in san francisco, i'm john sasaki, ktvu channel 2 news. classes are cancelled once again in chicago. the legal action that city's mayor plans to take to get those striking teachers back to work. >> in tonight's ktvu special report, why one bay area city has one of the most cost efficient transit systems while the other is on the bottom of the list. >> the fog is regrouping offshore right now. the one direction temperatures will be heading the next several days. and when rain showers could be added. -what's up? i'm chris. -and i'm erik. both: we're the fruit guys! back in 1998, we had this idea to deliver fresh fruit to offices in downtown san francisco. we built these wooden crates, filled these with fruit in my one-bedroom apartment. the fruit guys has been with bank of america since they first started. we work with them to help them grow and succeed.
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school is out for chicago for at least two more days. summer vacation drags on for 200,000 students waiting for the teacher strike to end. union reps rejected a tentative deal reached over the weekend.
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teachers have until tuesday to look over the agreement and get together for a vote. >> there's no reason why our kids cannot be in school while the union review it is agreement. >> major sticking points includes longer school days and a performance based proposition. today an afghan police officer opened fire on nato troops killing four americans. it was the third such ambush by afghan insurgents this weekend. meantime afghans are participating in the global protest against that anti islam film. this is what it looked like on the streets of kabul today. anger at the u.s. is also fueled by the war about to enter its 12th year. in eastern afghanistan authorities say a naval air strike killed at least eight
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women and wounded several others including children as they were collecting wood. nato officers confirmed that between five and eight civilians died during a strike. the u.n. released numbers just last month showing the number of civilians killed and injured in the first six months of this year is actually down 15% compared to the same period last year. in other news of the world tonight, angry protests in china following japan's purchased of disputed territory. protesters burned the japanese flag outside the japanese embassy in beijing. there have been dozens of protests in china since japan announced it had purchased the islands named by sincatu.
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they intend to nationalize the islands. china says the purchase is a violation of sovereignty. one person has died and another is missing after a typhoon hit today. he slipped off his roof while preparing for the approaching storm. the storm cut electricity to some 110,000 homes on the island that make up the okanawa territory. tonight it is heading toward the korean peninsula. you've probably seen them, bus after bus rolling by with not one passenger. we look at taxpayer money and public transit in tonight's special report. the occupy movement turns one tomorrow. the actions planned to mark the milestone here in the bay area.
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it is the tale of two transit extremes. in one part of the bay area is difficult to find a seat on public transportation. while in another, empty buses roll right by. ktvu's matt keller has the result of a new study identifying the most and least cost efficient transit systems in the nation and where the bay area ranks in tonight's special report. >> reporter: here's a daily sight if you live any where in the bay area. big empty buses rolling around town, burning gas and serving few residents expect the employees. >> we have probably by global standards one of the richest transit offerings. b.a.r.t., light rail, diesel bus, poly bus, cable car, ferries. >> reporter: chevero is a
10:31 pm
nationally known scholar who is an author comparing 54 transit districts in the u.s. the bay area turns out has one of the most and least cost effective systems in the entire batch. san francisco despite its many transit problems came in at the top. second best to just denver with the b.a.r.t. line running through the city. >> just ignoring all the other potential benefits there. quality improvements, reduced congestion, economic growth that b.a.r.t. has allowed just in terms of pure cost, building the system, operating it and netting up the revenues b.a.r.t. has turned out to be an extremely wise investment. >> reporter: even the ones controversial b.a.r.t. rout to sfo made it into the middle of the rankings. the second to the least system is the silican valley shiny but vastly empty transit authority
10:32 pm
known as the vta. in particular, the trolley line known as the extension came in $5 per transit. the explanation is obvious. >> unless you've got the densities in place to really generate the trips and fill the trains and buses, these are not going to turn out to be really cost effective investments. >> reporter: on the other hand, vta spokeswoman brandy childress says her agency is building for the future. >> santa clara county is known for its suburban sprawl. we have many employment centers come in and like the fact that there's suburban sprawl. they have campuses, lots of parking and what we're trying to do is work with cities and developers to set these business parks around the existing structure to promote the green alternative to driving. >> reporter: this part of the vta line costs the public more than $230 million when it opened more than 12 years ago. the transit district's planners
10:33 pm
are hopeful a rebounding economy, new 49ers stadium and more housing will lead to more passengers coming aboard. in mountain view, matt keller, ktvu news. tomorrow marks the one year anniversary of the occupy movement and this weekend protesters took to the streets of new york to mark the anniversary. about 300 people marched through lower manhattan yesterday. most of the protest was peaceful however police did arrest several of the demonstrators. the charges ranged from disorderly conduct to resisting arrest. more demonstrations are planned for tomorrow in new york city and around the country. a number of events are planned for san francisco tomorrow. some of those are to highlight the work occupied protesters are doing to fight evictions and foreclosures. other events include the occupy oakland demonstrators. the largest event is a demonstration and then a march in the financial district. protesters are expected to gather for that around 4:00 in the evening at the bank of
10:34 pm
america building. a california man who admits he went a little crazy when he abducted his two children then took them on a yacht has a hearing tomorrow morning. he is accused of kidnapping his two and 3-year-old kids from south san francisco. stealing a yacht. he says he kidnapped the kids because they were being abused by their mother. she denies the abuse and has a restraining order against mafei. hazmat crews evacuated two neighbors homes as a precaution and told other residents to shelter in place. investigators are still trying to determine what chemical spilled. >> some sort of chemical agent they were splashed on to their eyes and skin and they were transported, undetermined at
10:35 pm
this point what it was. >> reporter: the couple was taken to the hospital. two children at home at the time were not injured. the judge's panel is now complete. just how much a rapper and country star will reportedly get paid to pick the next american idol. what will this week's weather bring? mark tamayo has your complete weather forecast just ahead.
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california's annual coastal clean up day was a big success. the california coastal commission reports that some 57,000 people collected more than 320-tons of debris yesterday. the event took place across the state to clean up trash at
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beaches, lakes, rivers and streams. among the unusual items found, an old love letter, a concrete rabbit and a convertible. a few people found a couple of items with chinese writer that could have been from the tsunami last year. we had the low clouds as heather mentioned right near the coastline. but a band of clouds coming through the area. reflecting some of the sunlight and as a result pretty colors earlier this evening. right now we're talking about the fog, and already a few patches heading into the bay. out toward san francisco right around the bay bridge and the clouds will continue to be on the increase as we do head into the overnight hours for early monday morning.
10:39 pm
as far as temperatures for today, not a big change from yesterday's readings. a few neighborhoods cool just slightly but these were all minor changes. those reads range from the lower 60 in pacifica and san francisco. the 90s out toward fairfield. forecast headlines for tonight, partly cloudy skies and coastal fog. tomorrow a touch cooler with quite a bit of overcast out there. there's no major heat in our forecast. get ready though for another chilly morning first thing tomorrow morning. you definitely want to bundle up. coolest locations will be in the lower 40s. san jose in the 50s right around 52 degrees. high pressure beginning to lose its grip as this very weak weather system moving in to the north. as a result you can see what happens, temperatures just cooled off a little bit today. more cooling expected for monday and into tuesday. that means the warmest locations tomorrow inland only approaching the low possibly the mid-80s.
10:40 pm
we're going to keep it cool right near the immediate shoreline. here's our forecast model showing you this. a solid deck of overcast coast side, quite a bit of fog around the bay. we could have a few partly cloudy operations as well inlands. as we head into the afternoon hours. the clearing i suspect, still going to have patchy fog at the shoreline. the warmest locations as i mentioned into the 80s. you can see santa rosa 77. walnut creek in the lower 80s. oakland in the upper 60s and wind speeds do pick up. san francisco some fog in the morning, becoming partly cloudy into the afternoon hours and in san francisco the giants return to at that time park for tomorrow -- return to at&t park for tomorrow. temperatures cooling off for tuesday, wednesday then we warm up the numbers a little bit by
10:41 pm
thursday and friday. with your weekend in view we're going to cool things off a little bit once again for saturday and sunday. a week from now we still have to keep an eye on a few upper clouds and a slight chances of showers. maybe a few changes by day seven. we'll keep you posted. a fox network ended months of speculation about a big announcement about two big judges for american idol. nikki minage and keith urban will complete the panel. there are reports that urban will earn about $4 million while minage will be paid about 12 million and carrie nearly 18 million. >> quite a bit of money. we'll hear from the raiders after their melt down in miami.
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>> no melt down for the san francisco. i didn't know straws where in season right now. shh's no no no no no no.. rosco, no, no...
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good evening everyone and welcome to this late sunday night edition of sports wrap. it was the game the whole nation watched tonight and the story line was played up for a whole week although neither team wanted to acknowledge it. the two coaches quickly put last season behind them. it took two plays to get in the end zone. first time they had the ball, capped by alex smith to vernon davis shot. davis decided to go


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